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friendlyway waiter 17

A wall-mounted kiosk solution for internet applications and interactive programs

The compact kiosk solution friendlyway waiter 17 offers you a great performance even in a small space due to the space-saving wall mounting.

The silhouette of the system is underlined by the slim side profile.

The multi-purpose front plate of the friendlyway waiter 17 allows for the installation of additional components even after installation.

With the optional integrated heating unit, the system can be used in the weather protected outdoor areas.

The friendlyway waiter 17 is a timeless all-rounder, which can be easily used for all communication tasks.

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  • A wall-mounted complete system
  • Semi-outdoor use
  • Flexible and extendable at a later stage
  • Robust housing
  • Designed for all enviroments including hospitals and public areas
  • Space saving design
  • Made in Germany, manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001


  • Any desired expandability with components of your choice over the integrated multifunction board
  • Integration into the smallest rooms due to the space-saving wall mounting
  • Suitable for semi-outdoor use owing to the installation of system heating
  • The modular construction of the system and a lot of available space provide almost any expandability
  • Implementation of your functional and operating concept through the customizable system front
  • Best presentation of your content via the luminous 17 inch display with brilliant image reproduction
  • Simple system maintenance through the easily removable front
  • Place for the installation and operation of transaction units (cash, EC and credit or RFID cards)
  • Optional safety mechanisms for the cash management
  • Appearance fits ideally into every environment and can be easily customized (color, logo, design, etc.)
  • The complete system is optimally designed for the use at the Point of Sale, in public spaces, and in your company
  • Management of different project scenarios due to the extensive range of options
  • Long-term operation of your system due to the highquality engineering and manufacturing

General Housing Aluminium with chrome-plated side panels
Measurements 470,5 x 895 x 285,5 mm (W x H x D)
Weight 60 kg
Location Indoor or optionally semi-outdoor
Display Size 17 inch
Resolution SXGA, 1280x1024 pixels
Brightness 300 cd/m²
Viewing angle 160° v/h
Payment functions Coin checker
Bank note checker
Electronic payments with EC and credit card
Computer Modern PC by Dell or AOpen
Printer Thermal printer (80mm, to DIN A4)
Input Touch screen Surface Acoustic Wave
Keyboard Plastic or vandal-proof stainless steel keyboard
Housing Individual painting
Decoration with film according to customer specification
Card reader Magnetic card reader
Chip card reader
Hybrid card reader
Pull through card reader
Memory card reader (15 in 1)
Connectivity Bluetooth
Sound Stereo loudspeaker
Webcam 8 Megapixels camera
Other Ultrasonic proximity senzor
Barcode reader
Semi-outdoor upgrade set
Phone options (analog and VoIP)

Examples of use

  • Receptionist
    With the integrated phone option and the touchscreen display, the system can be used as a virtual receptionist in foyers and at entrances.
  • Replenishing cards
    Loading credit to canteen cards.
  • Self-service system in restaurants
    Orders and payments are made by the customers independently, using the system.
  • Employee Information System (EIS)
    Providing corporate information to employees.
  • Customer loyalty system (coupons)
    Printing coupons and vouchers for the customers.
information kiosk friendlyway waiter 17 information kiosk friendlyway waiter 17 information kiosk friendlyway waiter 17

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